Al Imfeld, a well known Africa Specialist, published the marvellous book "AgroCity - Die Stadt für Afrika - Skizzen zu einer neuen Urbanität" (= The City for Africa, Outlines for a New Urbanity), shortly before his dead in February 2017. Friends of Imfeld publish translations in English, French, Arab and Swahili, supplemented by comments of experts of Africa.

Imfeld analyses different exploting (mega-) cities in several Sub-Saharan countries. Cities mainly have an administrative and commercial centre, which is surrounded of - often many - slums. Their inhabitants have left their farmland, hoping for a better life in city. For handling this situation, Imfeld proposes new forms of cities - guaranteeing a better life for their inhabitants, characterised by a mix of farming and city advantages as neighbourhood, health care, market, theatre, sports and public traffic. AgroCities grow as cooperatives, surmounting traditional ways of separation as tribes and religions. No fossil powered vehicules shall drive trough AgroCity. Two third of food shall derive from horizontal and vertical farming in AgroCity and a belt of roughly 25 km around it self-sufficiently. The rest will be traded against crafts and natural ressources. 

The key elements of AgroCity and KADE are intensively interrelated. 

That is why KADE implements with agents of AgroCity and local partners AgroCities, primarly in Tanzania. The agents of AgroCity are represented by the Association "Al Imfeld's Tafelrunde" (= Round Table); an agreement defines the collaboration. 

Die Hauptelemente von AgroCity und KADE überschneiden sich. 

Darum implementiert KADE mit Vertretern von AgroCity und lokalen Parntern AgroCities, zuerst in Tansania. AgroCity ist vertreten durch den Verein "Al Imfeld's Tafelrunde"; eine Vereinbarung regelt die Zusammenarbeit. 

The English Version of AgroCity is now available. 

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